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Brief description of the project

McCain CORP sells tokens (McCoin) to raise capital for the company's development and its child projects.

McCain CORP is a relatively new company, but already having a finished product FLCreative - one of the company's projects.

The activities of our company are aimed at creating a new style of social and business relationships, new standards of life, product quality and information purity. The structure of our projects, their purpose and multi-purpose orientation should provide our customers with new opportunities, confidence in information security, as well as guarantees of a reliable happy future.

The urgency of the problems solved by our company and our projects is the main principle of the future success of McCain CORP when entering the global market and further development of the company.

The main thing you need to know about our Crowdsale:

The holder of the token is entitled to receive dividends according to the number of tokens belonging to it. At the same time, the payment of such dividends will be made by the company monthly from 50% of the company's profit from crediting customers through the McCoin currency system (the McCorp.Trust project) received as a result of the turnover of funds raised during the Crowdsale.

The rapid development of McCain CORP is a key challenge that we set ourselves.

McCoin comes from a really working business, which is a huge advantage for the Investor.

Investors investing in the development of our company get tokens (McCoin), the subsequent value of which is directly related to the rates of other crypto-currencies on exchanges.

90% of the funds raised over the Crowdsale period will be used to increase the company's financial performance.

When the collection amount reaches $ 2.500.000 - $ 3.500.000, McCain CORP plans to carry out transactions to invest new companies and introduce them into the McCain CORP subsidiary status, in order to increase capitalization and rapidly scale to new markets . With this strategy, there may be additional tokens (fork McCoin), which will have an exit immediately to several exchanges, which will increase the company's revenue and its growth rate.

Upon completion of Crowdsale, the McCoin token will be traded on several popular exchanges in different currency pairs. Technical negotiations with 3 stock exchanges are already underway.

  • NAV Company 2015-2017
    The idea of ​​creating a multi-project company. First projects: Social network, Information security.
  • FLCreative 2017
    Creating the FLCreative web service. First customers and first income.
  • McCain CORP 2017
    The opening of McCain CORP as a company with a new ideology and development plan, taking into account modern technological and economic trends.
Development Plan
  • Carrying out the ICO May-July 2018
    Holding an ICO with an investment of up to $ 3.500.000
  • Scaling a company 2018
    Increase staff, improve existing and implement new projects of the company
  • McCoin 2018
    The release of the McCoin crypto currency. Exit to popular exchanges.
  • McCorp.Trust 2019
    Running customer lending. Futures contracts.
  • Extension 2020
    Increasing the volume of lending. Opening of representative offices in other countries.
  • Significance 2021
    Use McCoin in your own company environment and in a collaborative environment.
  • Popularity 2022
    McCain CORP becomes a brand by providing first-class services in the financial, educational and business sectors.
  • Finance 2023
    McCain CORP is a major investor supporting prospective projects and developing companies.
The scheme of investment allocation

Investments raised during Crowdsale, the company plans to use this way:

50% Development of existing and implementation of new projects of the company

30% McCoin Currency Crediting Fund

10% Marketing

10% Insurance fund of the company

Guarantees of redemption

McCain CORP guarantees the redemption of McCoins until June 1, 2025 at a discounted market price (20% below the market rate, but no more than $ 1.2).

After June 1, 2025, at the market price, but not more than $ 2 for McCoin.

Early redemption of McCoins can be made no earlier than June 1, 2020.

The attraction of investors' funds during the ICO is planned in the form of fiat currencies through a secure payment system that provides many popular methods of transfer. It is also possible to receive crypto-currency investments in Ethereum (at the exchange rate at the time of transfer).

Benefits for investors

McCoin comes from a really working, profitable business

Stable dividends: McCoin holders receive 50% of McCain CORP's profit from lending

Guaranteed redemption of the token from its holders

McCoin's guaranteed growth due to demand for it, company development and the growth of the Crypto currency rate

Having a clear development plan for the company until 2023

Insurance fund guaranteeing solvency for our investors

Forecasts for the growth of the McCoin price

Growth in the price of the crypto currency used for lending

Growth in Demand for a Digital Credit Service with Fiat and Crypto Currencies

Increase in the number of McCain CORP clients, development of the company and its subsidiaries

Demand for buying and selling McCoin on exchanges

McCoin's reinforcement with forex crypto-loans of affiliated subsidiaries

Details of McCoin

McCoin grants the right to participate in the company's profits from lending customers to the McCoin currency system. All holders of McCoin are entitled to receive dividends in accordance with the number of McCoins. 50% of the company's profit from lending, in the amount of the fund's used funds, will be distributed among holders of all sold McCoins on the basis of sales.

McCoin presents a unique business model in the crypto world, which enables investors to increase their crypto-capital while being confident of the security of their investments.

The ERC20 standard makes assets easily interchangeable and ensures that they can work with Dapps that adhere to the same standard.

The cost of McCoin at the stage of sale as part of Crowdsale 1 McCoin = 0.1 USD


January 2018 Announcement

10-31.05.18 Pre-sale (pre-ICO)

01.06 - 01.08.2018 Crowdsale (ICO)

pre-ICO, ICO

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is the release of its crypto currency, which is ensured by the future profit of the project. The investor receives a cryptographic token, which is recorded in the block and is openly traded on various exchanges. The company also guarantees to buy back the tokens for a certain part of its future profit, which makes it necessary to increase the rate of its crypto currency - the more profit, the greater the repurchase, the higher the price is set by the holders of the tokens. The token holder can keep a token in his possession in anticipation of a higher price, can sell after waiting for a repurchase, and can sell it to anyone who wants it on the exchange.

Why ICO is more profitable for investors than the standard purchase of shares

1. ICO opens an opportunity to invest in the project to everyone - no matter what amount you have 100 rubles, or 1 million rubles, you can buy the number of tokens you need.
2. Until the company's IPO, the small investor simply does not have the opportunity to purchase the company's shares.
3. When the investor enters the project, his only chance to exit the project is to find a larger investor, which is difficult and time-consuming. When ICO is the same, the owner of the token can freely sell its token on the exchange. On the exchange, in addition to private buyers, there is also the company itself, which is guaranteed to buy back the tokens. This condition is prescribed under the ICO conditions and this fuels the growth of the rate of the crypto currency.